Streaming in Schools

Streaming in Schools

Streaming in Schools

Recently there has been a movement to remove streaming from schools over the last couple of years.

This has been provoked and initiated by a false philosophy that western education is endemically racist and that some cultures or groups are disadvantaged.

Critical Race Theory

There has in fact been a movement to embed Critical Race Theory (CRT) into all facets of education and society as a whole. This is quite evident by the statement made by a New Zealand state official that said, “Racism and discrimination are complex issues, and are deeply embedded throughout New Zealand’s structures, systems and beliefs.” (see the video at the end of this article from Family Matters).

This is a dangerous and incorrect view. It is basically saying that our system of democracy, capitalism, traditional family structure and free speech are all in need of an overhaul.

CRT basically states that if you are in any category of society other than white then you are oppressed. In fact, CRT is based on a Critical Theory that separated society into the oppressed and the oppressors (Marxism).

Is streaming in schools causing inequalities?

Groups pushing for change and using racism as their base to justify their cause are all part of this philosophy as use terms such as equity, diversity and inclusion.

A similar statement was made by a UK educational foundation whose first statement of purpose is that “Education inequality in England is entrenched.” This is much the same as a New Zealand race-based study that suggested streaming is racist.

There is nothing racist or biased about a traditional education system or the streaming of classes based on ability. Claiming there is discrimination in the school system is a poor excuse for underperformance and a lack of personal responsibility and ambition to study. There is not an “unconscious bias” in the system, there is a “conscious effort to promote victimisation” that leads to a lack of personal passion to pursue advancement.

Unfounded claims against streaming in schools

As long as people push the false claim that people are victims of birth, there will be resentment and a general need to address non-existent inequities. This creates a false barrier in the mind of the student from day one. Can you imagine the effect of turning to your child on the first day of school and saying, “Don’t worry too much, the system is racist so if you fail, it’s not your fault?”

This is exactly what these groups are saying and as long as their voices are promoted, the deeper the psychological barriers become to the child’s success.

In the western world, we are lucky that education is fundamental regardless of culture, race, or economic background. Education is the act or process of teaching or acquiring knowledge. There is nothing cultural or racial about it. You can be taught in a French school, a Maori school, a German school or a Chinese school. All children can succeed if they have the right attitude and use the resources available to all students to further their education regardless of race or gender. 

The use of “racism” as an objection to streaming or grouping students in classes according to their ability to learn is baseless. As previously stated, it is just an attempt to group people as the “haves” and “have nots”, and has nothing to do with ability.

Personal achievement

Personal success depends on a desire to learn. This that have a deeper desire to learn and succeed should not be held back and classes to encourage deeper and faster learning would be advisable.

Holding back achievers is like saying that a fast runner should have a leg broken so the slow runners can keep up. Streaming is used to enable students to go forwards at the same pace. A class with a similar range of abilities enables the teacher to keep a steady pace. Moreover, streaming guarantees that no one is left behind.


It is the opinion of the writer that steaming is certainly not racist or a disadvantage to anyone and is effective to help to find those that need more assistance to learn. At the same children that want to advance are not held back.

Instead of complaining about streaming and pushing the racist button, we should be looking at ways to encourage all children to learn and develop a personal desire for knowledge and success.

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Recommended Viewing

To learn more about the dangers of endorsing Critical Race Theory in any part of society and especially in education, I recommend watching the following videos:

Note: Interweb Education is not associated with Family Matters or Triggernometry but the issues they both present on CRT and current trends of state education and their preferred “consultants” are important for all to realise.

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