What are the keys to a happy and successful life?

the keys to a happy and successful life

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What are the keys to a happy and successful life?

Did you know that there have always existed certain keys that can open any door for you? There is actually a magical formula that can help you make friends, stay out of trouble, earn a good living and be happy. In this article, I’ll explain 10 keys that will open these doors to living a happy and successful life.

Developing good or pro-social behaviour is about developing good character. In order to succeed in life and be happy it is important to move away from bad habits and create good ones. If you want to be happy and have a successful life, the power is actually within you. All you need to do is study these 10 steps or keys and possess them and your world will change.

Here are your 10 steps of action, your keys, that will change your life for good.

Reflect on this following list of key values, BE this list and you will easily see what the results would be on your successes and the happiness of your own life and those around you:

1. Responsibility:

Responsibility is about being accountable for your own actions (what you do or do not do) and doing things to the best of your ability. It means that others depend on you. It means that you keep agreements and appointments. Responsibility is not a one-time event, but a habit. It is the recognition that we have a responsibility to ourselves, to others, and to our environment. No one owes you a living. You have the ability to make choices, and you must have the willingness to accept the consequences of those choices. Responsible choices lead to better results.

2. Honesty:

Honesty is the state of being honest, open, sincere and truthful. Being honest with yourself is the first step to being honest to others (for example: not cheating on a test; not saying you did something when you know you didn’t). Lying is the opposite of honesty and once you lie it is like digging a hole under your feet and slowly sinking. Honesty is the key to successful relationships – with everyone you come in contact with. Be honest, tell the truth and you will always be trusted.

3. Respect:

This is about honouring the rights, beliefs, positions and property of others. Remember that there is more than one person in the world and others should be treated how you would like to be treated. Respect for your elders, parents, teachers and people of authority should always be kept in mind when addressing them and in the way, you act towards them. It also means honouring and upholding the rules – of the school, home and country. Be respectful and you will be respected and looked up to!

4. Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear but knowing that something else is more important than fear and having the confidence to continue. It means doing something that needs to be done even though it may seem difficult or scary. It also takes courage to admit when you have done something wrong or to admit when you need help or can’t cope with a situation by yourself. It is a courageous person who asks for help when put into a difficult person when they know there is no alternative and it takes courage to stand up for someone else when you see that they are being mistreated. Be courageous, make the brave choice to step away from people that bring you down or get you in trouble and you will find better friends.

5. Empathy

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Understand the situation that another person is in. Empathy is about understanding how another person would feel or react if you were to say something to them, do something for them or do something to them. In other words – ‘how would I feel if they did or said that to me’? Think before you act. Read what you have just typed before you send that text and think how you would feel if it was said to you!

6. Reliability

Connected with responsibility, this means that others can rely on you to do a job given to you without them having to wonder if you will really do it. They know that you can be depended on when you are reliable. If someone asks you to do something and you agree to do it – make sure you do it and do it well. Then they will know you are a reliable person.

7. Moderation

Moderation is about having, taking, eating or doing something to the right amount – not too much or too little. It means creating an even balance in your life. Doing school work all the time or playing games all the time is called an excess of one and not the other. Therefore, moderation is finding the happy medium. Moderate people know when to say no and know when a limit has been reached.

8. Cooperation

This is a necessity for teamwork. Being able to work with and get on with others is a necessity of life in the school, at home, in the sports team and in society in general. If you were playing rugby or football and had the ball and tried to take the ball all by yourself to the other end of the field, do you think you would succeed? Working together gets results. This is the same in all walks of life. A community is made of many people who cooperate, trade and work together.

9. Cleanliness

Hygiene is essential for good health and the comfort of others around you. It means taking care of your body, clothes, appearance and surroundings for which you are responsible. Take a shower when needed – wear clean clothes, keep your room or living/working area neat – not dropping litter. Follow health rules and be careful. Being healthy is a key to all successes.

10. Self-Discipline

Be in control of your own actions or words. This means doing something that you know is right to do even though you may feel better doing something the way you would like to. When you set a goal, make a plan. Follow that plan and stick to it and you will reach your goal.


The list can go on but now you should be able to figure out that:

  • Any person that possesses and shows these 10 key traits would be a person you would easily like.
  • Any person that possesses these 10 key attributes would make a good employee and have leadership potential.
  • Any person that lives according to this set of 10 values will be successful.

Developing these 10 keys, keeping them in your thoughts and living them every day will have a positive effect on your lives and your relationships with all other people.

When you put all this together and you can say in your head, “I am all these things: I am honest, I am reliable, I am responsible …” you can then say you have Integrity. Integrity is your personal ‘uprightness’ – the sum of your character. Integrity is the totality of living a life according to your beliefs, values and good principles (as listed above).

A person of integrity is a person who can be relied upon in their work, honesty and word. If you have integrity, you can be or do anything!

Go to it! Enjoy your life but always be fair and good to others if you expect the same.

If you would like an in-depth study into how you can apply all these traits to your life, set goals and succeed, see our E-Book, Being Ardent about Life.

The Keys to Success are within you

The Keys to Success are within you

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